GIEI leaves Zerón's destiny in the hands of authorities

The experts presented their materials to Attorney General Arely Gómez.

(Photo: Areli Martínez/EL UNIVERSAL)
English 29/04/2016 16:56 Juan Omar Fierro Mexico City Actualizada 19:12
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The members of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) presented Attorney General Arely Gómez González with the original video and photographs in which the holder of the Criminal Investigative Agency, Tomás Zerón, is working on an investigation related to the Ayotzinapa case.


The investigation was conducted in the area of the San Juan River on October, 28, 2014, and was not included in the files of the case.


Interviewed after his final encounter with Gómez, investigators Carlos Beristain, Francisco Cox and Claudia Paz recognized that Zerón was one of the matters addressed in the meeting. They also added that the PGR is the only responsible of deciding if he is separated from his post or not.


Beristain added that it is necessary to continue with the investigations and the interview with police officers possibly involved in the case, both in the municipality of Huitzuco, Guerrero, as well as members of the Federal Police.


The experts, from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, considered that the PGR should follow their recommendations on the case.


The members of the GIEI are leaving Mexico City tomorrow.

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