Ghazal Rezvani exhibits paintings at the Museum of Cultures

The Iranian artist, who moved to Mexico in 2011, gives traditional Persian drawing classes.

The Iranian artist, whose real name is Marzieh Rezvani, was born in Tehran in 1985. (Photo: Giselle Rodríguez)
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By Giselle Rodríguez 

A collection of paintings by Iranian artist Ghazal Rezvani will be exhibited at Mexico City's National Museum of Cultures until March 11 as part of the celebrations for the Nowruz, the Persian New Year.

The exhibition includes drawings made by the students that attended a four-week Persian drawing course given by her at the Museum.  

Mrs. Rezvani, whose real name is Marzieh Rezvani, was born in Tehran in 1985. In 2002 she studied the traditional wood carving arts known as Moaragh Kari and Monabbat Kari and in 2010 she took traditional Persian drawing and miniature painting classes. 

In 2011 she moved to Mexico and started teaching Persian drawing and has also given Iranian cooking and film courses. Her works have also been exhibited at the bookstore Jorge Cuesta and at the Institute of Philological Investigations of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). 

Currently she is one of the administrators of the Cultural Center of Iran in Mexico


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Giselle Rodríguez
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