11 | NOV | 2019
The victim was killed in a bathroom. (Photo: SPECIAL)

Kids kill friend in "vampire conversion" ritual

Luis Fierro/Chihuahua
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Three of the participants in the ritual have been arrested.

Three youngsters performed a deadly vampire conversion ritual on a friend and then left the body near the cathedral of Chihuahua, according to the authorities.

The Office of the State Attorney General reported that thanks to the collaboration of a protected witness they managed to arrest 25-year-old Omar Sánchez García, "El Osiris," 18-year-old Gustavo Adolfo Dorantes Dorantes, and 18-year-old Iveth Nayeli López Hernández.

The trio strangled 24-year-old Edwin Miguel Juárez Palma, in a demonic ritual meant to turn him into a vampire.

The youths reportedly belong to a sect called "Children of Baphomet" and said that their victim agreed to participate in the ritual.

According to the kids, their leader ordered his killing and promised to bring him back from the dead as a vampire. The leader, who was not identified, is currently on the lam.

When the kids realized that their victim wasn't returning from the dead, they decided to pass his killing as an action from organized crime, putting the body in a plastic bag and tying him up with tape. They left their grim package on a park bench.

The killing took place Tuesday night in an internet cafe called Freak Shop. The authorities found traces of blood of the victim in the bathroom.

In the next few hours, the trio will be before a judge and if found guilty they will be condemned up to 40 years in prison.

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