Mayor of Piedras Negras perceives "Mexicanophobia" in Trump

Fernando Purón and the Mayor of Eagle Pass, Texas, Ramsey English Cantú, celebrate the traditional "Embrace of Friendship".

The ceremony marks 54 years of friendship between the two cities. (Photo: SPECIAL)
English 19/03/2016 22:10 Hilda Fernández / Piedras Negras, Coahuila. Actualizada 22:10

Piedras Negras' Mayor Fernando Purón Johnston made a reference to Republican hopeful Donald Trump while denouncing those who "scream their 'Mexicanophobia' to the four winds'."

"I tell them that they are outnumbered by the millions of Americans in favor of friendship and brotherhood between Mexico and the United States, which is unwavering and bears good fruit," expressed Purón Johnston during the traditional "Embrace of Friendship" celebrated for the last 54 years between Piedras Negras and Eagle Pass, Texas, over the Rio Bravo.

Authorities and business leaders met on one of the two international bridges between both cities, with the presence of Purón Johnston and the Mayor of Eagle Pass, Ramsey English Cantú.

Every month, 273,000 vehicles cross the bridges from one city to the other, and the bilateral exports amount to US$3,276,000 every year.