Former mayor arrested for crime against journalist

Former mayor of Silao, Benjamín Solís Arzola is the alleged mastermind of the beating of journalist Karla Silva on September 4, 2014.

(Photo: Archive/El Universal)
English 12/03/2016 15:06 Xóchitl Álvarez / Corresponsal Actualizada 15:23

Former mayor of Silao, Benjamín Solís Arzola was arrested yesterday for allegedly masterminding the beating of journalist Karla Janeth Silva Guerrero on September 4, 2014.

Benjamin Solís, also a notary public, is designated as the mastermind of the crime, helped by his former secretary of Public Security, Nicasio Aguirre, on the lam, and the coordinator of Police, Jorge Alejandro Fonseca Durán, who allegedly hired three men to beat up the journalist.

On the afternoon of September 4, three men broke into the offices of the Heraldo de León, in the municipality of Silao, and attacked Karla Silva to intimidate her.

The three men were also arrested and identified as José Samuel Ornelas Martinez, Joaquín Oswaldo Valero Garnica and Luis Gerardo Herández Baldenegro.