Wife of “El Chapo” says he has health problems

Emma Coronel said that the drug lord is having problems with nervousness and anxiety.

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The common-law wife of drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán said Monday that his health problems have gotten "a lot worse" because guards at a maximum-security prison rouse him for head counts, interfering with his sleep.

Emma Coronel is the mother of Guzmán's twin daughters. She told the Radio Formula station that Guzmán is having problems with nervousness and anxiety, because he isn't sleeping at the Altiplano prison west of Mexico City.

Authorities have been waking Guzmán every few hours for head counts. He embarrassed authorities by escaping the prison last July. He was recaptured in January.

Coronel said she thinks authorities are trying to kill Guzmán.

National security commissioner Renato Sales, whose responsibilities include overseeing federal prisons, said at a news conference Monday that Guzmán's human rights are in no way being violated.

Sales pointed out that Guzmán has escaped twice from Mexican prisons.

"Shouldn't someone who twice escaped from maximum security prisons be subject to special security measures? The common sense answer is yes," Sales said.

Coronel quoted Guzmán as saying he isn't allowed to exercise in open air, but doesn't care and only wants to be allowed to sleep.

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