Peasant march arrives at Mexican Congress

They are against reductions in the agricultural budget.

The protesters threaten with camping in front of the premises. (Photo: Fernando Ramírez/EL UNIVERSAL)
English 10/11/2015 18:38 Marcos Muedano Mexico City Actualizada 18:38
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Members of the United Peasants Front arrived at the Mexican Congress to protest against a reduction in the national agricultural budget.

The Front is formed by the National Union of Agricultural Workers, the Independent Central of Agricultural Workers and Peasants, the Coalition of Urban and Rural Democratic Organizations, among other organizations.

The group arrived through central Congreso de la Unión avenue to demand that USS1.19 billion dollars are not cut from the national agricultural budget.

"We have come to express to the Chambers that the amendment submitted by the President of the Republic with a reduction of around 20 billion pesos to the agricultural sector is irresponsible and criminal in light of all its needs," expressed Alvaro López, leader of the protesters.

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