Ten thousand tourists evacuated in Jalisco because of Patricia

Some free flights could be offered to take people to Mexico City.

People are leaving Jalisco in the wake of hurricane Patricia. (Photo: AP)
English 23/10/2015 13:55 Raúl Torres / Corresponsal Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Actualizada 14:00

Puesto Vallarta could be pretty much deprived of people walking on the streets starting 2:00 p.m., due to the imminent arrival of hurricane Patricia, with gusts going from 217 to 250 miles per hour.

Since at least 6:00 a.m., the authorities have evacuated more than 10,000 tourists and more than 500 buses have been taken people to Guadalajara, the state capital.

It was also announced that a couple of commercial flights could be offered for free to take people to Guadalajara and Mexico City.

The idea of the state and federal governments is to leave Puerto Vallarta with the smallest possible number of people when the hurricane arrives.

Some interruptions in the electric service are also expected and it has been recommended that people remain in refuges and do not try to go outside to protect their belongings.