Men killed in Puebla remain unidentified

It has not been fully confirmed that they were pollsters.

The men were killed and then set on fire on suspicion of being kidnappers. (Photo: SPECIAL)
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The two men who were killed and set on fire in the town of Ajalpan, in Puebla, have not been identified yet, according to the state Attorney General, Víctor Manuel Carranca Bourget.

He added that there is no confirmation that the men killed under suspicion of being kidnappers were pollsters performing their work.

"All the people involved (in their capture and killing) have not been identified, no family member has identified the victims, (and) it has not been confirmed that they were pollsters, and we are still looking for the person that they supposedly wanted to take by force," he said.

Dozens of locals lynched the men on Monday, after killing them with blunt objects and machetes, accusing them of being rapists and kidnappers.

The locals also attacked the mayor's office, ransacked the property and burned it, as well as patrol cars and private vehicles.

Carranca Bourget said that the attackers are "misguided" that lost control and even get involved in events like that without fully knowing what was going on.

Meanwhile, the head of Public Safety of Puebla, Jesús Rodríguez Almeida, expressed that the violence overwhelmed the municipal police because its ten officers were unable to control the more than a thousand people involved in the killings.

"There were several policemen injured, but other public servants were safeguarded and a tragedy was averted," he said.

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