Formal prison for officials involved in El Chapo's escape

New evidence shows that they did not follow protocol.

They also did not activate the code red during the escape. (Photo: Archive/EL UNIVERSAL)
English 07/09/2015 20:21 Mexico City Actualizada 13:23
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A federal judge in the State of Mexico ordered the formal prison of two members of Mexico's intelligence agency, CISEN, and two guards at the Altiplano allegedly involved in the escape of notorious drug kingpin Joaquín Guzmán "El Chapo".

So far there are seven officials in prison for their alleged involvement in El Chapo's escape. They are in the federal prison of "El Altiplano," in the state of Mexico.

The court noted that the new material evidence of the prosecution led it to conclude that at 8:52.14 p.m. of July 11 there was no failure in the monitoring system of cell 20 of "El Altiplano," the cell detaining "El Chapo."

Also, it determined that the four detainees did not follow the security protocols and did not report on time the evasion of the notorious criminal.

Also, they did not activate the "Core Red" in light of Guzmán's escape, even when they had the technological means to do this and they functioned properly.


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