19 | MAR | 2019
So far the masterminds behind the crime remain unknown. (Photo: Luma López/EL UNIVERSAL)

Looters derail train in Tabasco

Leobardo Pérez Marín / Corresponsal
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The criminals removed nails from the tracks and stole the train's cement cargo.

A freight train transporting cement to the state of Yucatán was derailed in the municipality of Macuspana by criminals, who then proceeded to steal the cargo, according to the Department of Civil Protection of Tabasco.

According to the first reports by the head of Civil Protection, Jorge Méndez Landero, around 4:00 a.m. the train ran out of the rails after people unknown removed a few nails from them.

He also pointed out that these actions are nothing new and every year or so around five of these incidents are reported to the authorities.

"This happens periodically, about four or five times every year, because people loot the tracks, like now that they were transporting cement. In this case four cars. There were no injuries," he said.

Méndez Landero added that so far this year two trains were derailed, and other four in 2014.

So far, it is unknown how many tons of cement were looted in this case.

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