Donald Trump interviews "himself"

Jimmy Fallon used a bad wig to become Trump's mirror reflection.

He joked and talked seriously, but said nothing about his policies or the Latino community. (Photo: Screen capture).
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Donald Trump considers himself the only human being "worthy" to interview him. So, he sat in front of a mirror to do so. Of course, it was a joke, with comedian Jimmy Fallon disguised as the image of Trump behind the mirror.

Fallon started by asking Trump how he'd create jobs in the U.S. "I'm just gonna do it," replied Trump. "Right, but how?" insisted Fallon. "By doing it. It just happens," expressed the Republican hopeful.

If that wasn't enough to drive you insane, when asked about the possibility of having actor (and generally unstable person) Gary Busey to become his Vice-President, he said: "I love Gary, he's fantastic—but more of a Supreme Court justice, in my opinion."

"Vice-President's a very serious position. I'd say maybe Kanye West." Yep, Kanye West.

Then came next query: "You said you'd get Mexico to build a wall at the border. How would you do that?"

"Since I'm you, why don't you tell me?" replied Trump, perhaps avoiding the question.

"Easy," said Fallon. "I'll challenge them to the biggest game of Jenga ever. I'll make them set up the board. And then when they finish, I'll say, ‘I don't wanna play anymore.'"

No word about how much he liked that idea.

In the "real" interview following the skit, Trump seemed equally concerned with superficial answers.

On the Hillary Clinton's email scandal he just said: "I feel terrible about it! Honestly, it's tough stuff.", and on fellow Republican candidate Carly Fiorina, insulted by the tycoon Rolling Stone magazine, he said that "I think she's a very nice woman. She's going to have a rough time."

When asked by Fallon if he'd ever apologized for anything, Trump said: “I think apologizing's a great thing, but you have to be wrong. I will absolutely apologize, sometime in the hopefully distant future, if I'm ever wrong.”

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