Mexican couple runs over pressumed assailant

The suspect is at the hospital.

The assailant's gun ended embedded in the windshield. (Photo: SPECIAL)
English 08/08/2015 18:21 Newsroom Actualizada 18:21
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A married couple ran over a presumed assailant who blocked the road and threatened them with a gun, which ended embedded in the vehicle's windshield.

The interagency Tamaulipas Coordination Group reported that the incident occurred in the Ciudad Victoria-Llera highway, where 30-year-old Carlos Osvaldo Juárez Hernández and two accomplices assaulted drivers.

Juárez Hernández was taken to a hospital last Friday, and is under the watch of the Antikidnapping State Coordination while under treatment.

He reportedly confessed to kidnappings and assaults along two accomplices, who have been identified, but remain at large.

According to the authorities, when the victim's car reached the area known as "horseshoe's curve" they saw a pick-up truck coming. The other vehicle left the road and tree armed men descended from it, one of them with a rifle.

The man, Juárez Hernández, stood in the middle of the road and pointed the gun at the oncoming car, but the driver accelerated and ran him over.

The man and his wife kept driving until the nearest military checkpoint and reported the incident, while carrying the assailant's gun in the windshield.

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