A real estate brokerage and two men were injured. (Photo: EL UNIVERSAL)

Shooting reported in Querétaro

Martha Romero
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Marines were looking for federal suspects.

A realtor and two men were injured after an alleged confrontation with Marines in the neighborhood of Fraccionamiento Rosas, in San Juan del Río, Querétaro.

The Marines arrived at the area at 3:00 p.m. to search for two suspects of federal crimes and they cordoned the area minutes when someone used fire weapons at least six times.

According to unofficial information, realtor Sara Rojas was in the street showing a house to a client who was interested in renting it when the shooting began.

The woman was hit in the upper extremities and the client in the head. So far, the authorities have not determined if the shots came from the Marines in the first place or from some party interested in the client.

Other versions indicate that a black van with Mexico City license plates was parked in the same street of the aforementioned house and that the federal suspects were inside.

According to that version, the Marines shot at the suspects and killed one of them while the other was wounded and taken by the officers while the realtor was a collateral victim of the attack.

One of the wounded was transferred to the General Hospital in an ambulance that was guarded by Marines, having received a bullet in the head, although it has not yet been confirmed if he lost his life in the hospital while the woman was treated at the Red Cross.

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