Salma Hayek shows her body in bikini

She was with actor Pierce Brosnan and their families.

Salma looks sexy in bikini. (Photo: Taken from the Daily Mail)
English 17/08/2015 17:44 Newsroom Mexico City Actualizada 17:54
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Mexican actress Salma Hayek was photographed while enjoying the beach in Hawaii with her family.

The "Daily Mail" web portal presented pictures of Salma along her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, and her daughter Valentina Paloma. They were accompanied by actor Pierce Brosnan, his wife Keely Shaye Smith and his son Paris.

Salma is taking a break from the promotion of "The Prophet," the movie that she is producing.

In a recent interview with Spanish newspaper "El Pais," the star confessed that her husband asked her to marry three times before she accepted and added that marriage is the biggest fear that she has overcome.

She also talked about her family life and admitted having lied about her age in the past.

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