Mexico: Soccer players arrested after beating

Luis Gorocito and Alejandro Molina beat a young man in Aguascalientes.

Luis Gorocito with Necaxa's red shirt. (Photo: Imago7)
English 16/08/2015 23:27 Xóchitl Álvarez / Aguascalientes Actualizada 23:30
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Luis Antonio Gorocito and Alejandro Molina, both of the Necaxa soccer team, were arrested in the early hours of the day after a brawl in a bar and seriously injuring a young man.

The injured man, Luis Mariscal, is currently in a local hospital along his girlfriend, identified only as Susana, who allegedly was also assaulted.

According to witnesses at least 10 Necaxa players arrived at a bar called Barezzito, where they had an altercation with Mariscal after one of them harassed his girlfriend.

Subsequently, they left for another bar, where they found Mariscal and beat him, leaving him lying on the ground with head trauma.

The municipal police identified Uruguayan Gorocito as the main responsible of the incident.

In a statement, Necaxa condemned the actions of the players and denounced all violence inside and outside the court.

"Players, coaching staff and executives of Soccer Club Necaxa regret and reject the acts of violence which involves players Luis Antonio Gorocito and Alejandro Molina," expressed the team.

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