El Tri-Under 22 loses ticket to finals in Toulon

The young Mexican soccer players fell to Morocco 2-1.

México opened the score, but was unable to keep Morocco from scoring. (Photo: SPECIAL)
English 05/06/2015 14:49 Actualizada 14:49

The Mexican national soccer team under 22 lost the chance to reach the finals in the World Youth Festival of Toulon, falling 2-1 to Morocco.

The Concacaf team was able to open the score on the 27 minute, thanks to Michael Pérez, but was unable to keep the advantage over the African team, with scores from Walid El Karti, on the 41, and Ashraf Bencharki, with a penalty score on the 61.

With this result, the team headed by Raúl Gutierrez was left with seven points in the second place of Group B, and will have to settle for a game for the third place with the U.S.

The Moroccan team got eight units, reaching first place and will face France in the finals.


Mexico.- Lajud, López, Hernández, Solorio, Van Rankin, Luna, Escamilla, Pérez, Hernández, Bueno and Zaldívar. Coach Raúl Gutiérrez.

Morocco: Benachour - Moussadak, Benoun, Jamaaoui, Ait Khorsa - Al Asbahi, Dahmani, Hassouni, El Karti - Hajhouj, Bencharki. Coach Hassan Benabicha.