Ukrainian teenager is accused of murdering her mother and sister

Anastasia Lechtchenko claimed innocence and argued that she was beaten and sexually abused to force her to confess.

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Anastasia Lechtchenko, 19, was accused of murdering her mother and sister despite her claims of innocence.

Gabriel Celestino, lawyer of the Ukrainian teenager, refused to talk to the media after the 5th. criminal court of Tijuana issued the sentence.  

The dismembered bodies of the 45-year-old mother and her 12-year-old daughter were found last week in plastic bags at their home in Playas de Tijuana, about a half mile (1 kilometer) from the U.S. border The rotting bodies were discovered when police responded to reports of a stench coming from the garage.  

On Monday prosecutors of Baja California said that Lechtchenko confessed to killing and dismembering her mother and her sister because she thought they were performing witchcraft against her. However the detainee claimed that she was sexually abused and beaten by law enforcers to force her to confess. 


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