Tornado alert in Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas: Segob

Hail, strong winds and rain are expected in those areas.

Cars were thrown against the houses in the affected areas. (Photo: EFE )
English 25/05/2015 19:16 Actualizada 19:16
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The Ministry of the Interior (Segob) issued a series of recommendations for the possibility of strong winds and tornadoes in the northern area of Coahuila, as well as in the states of Nuevo León and Tamaulipas

Segob's National Coordination of Civil Protection reported that the National Weather Service recommended extreme caution due to heavy rains, hail, strong winds and possible whirlwinds or tornadoes in the aforementioned areas.

It also recommended keeping an eye on the sick and the elderly, children and the destitute.

Faced with this scenario, the population should take shelter in firm constructions, preferably away from windows, and avoid flimsy structures like billboards, electric cables and other objects that may be thrown by the wind.

In case of being inside a vehicle or in open areas, it recommends locating a trench or ditch to use as refuge, and protect face and head with the arms.

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