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Mexican scientist granted same distinction as Darwin and Einstein
Valeria Souza Saldívar is the first Mexican scientist to enter the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in the category of Honorary Foreign Member
New Quantum Technologies Laboratory in Mexico
Quantum technologies will begin the new revolution in science
Mexican scientists sequence avocado genome
The research opens the possibility to improve avocados genetically to maintain Mexico's competitiveness as the main exporter of this endemic product
Hunting sargassum with Mexican software
The Network of Supervision of Sargassum in Cancún is connected to several computer platforms, satellites and other networks around the world
UNAM scientists develop formula to preserve corpses
With the new preservation technique, the number of postgraduate courses has increased more than 10 times in three years
UNAM scientists create fertilizer to protect tomato crops
Researchers found that endophytic fungi can help to give plants a defense mechanism for external plagues
Mexicans solve problem unattainable for Newton
Mexican scientists from ITESM achieve the impossible by solving a centuries-old problem of optical physics that not even Newton could figure out
Mexican scientists use nanotechnology to treat glaucoma
To bring his idea to life, the lawyer sought researchers from the UNAM's Faculty of Sciences, with support from the National Laboratory of Biomimetic Solutions for Diagnosis and Therapy
Mexican researcher, among the 15 most promising scientists in the world
The UNESCO named Ana Sofía Varela Gasque as one of the 15 most promising young scientists around the world
Mexican scientist creates nanosatellite to monitor pollution
Nanosatellites have technological, social and environmental applications