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Mexico’s gender violence alerts: assessment and funding misuse
Mexico’s Interior Minister Olga Sánchez Cordero stressed the importance to assess the actions taken to fight violence against women to ensure the efficiency of the national program
Mexican government is not seeking control of Zama oilfield
President López Obrador denied the Mexican government is trying to take control of the Zama oilfield discovery, currently operated by private consortium Talos Energy
Medina Mora resigns as minister of Mexico’s Supreme Court
The Minister decided to present his resignation in the context of an investigation against him for receiving financial transfers that do not correspond with the income levels reported in his assets declaration
Massive infrastructure plan to reactivate Mexican economy
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Mexico will soon unveil a set of major infrastructure projects drawn up by the private sector to lift the economy seeking to banish the specter of recession
Indigenous Mexican corn threatened by U.S. biopiracy
Scientists from the University of California and the University of Wisconsin-Madison working for Mars Inc. company committed biopiracy with the genetic characteristics of a species of corn from the Mixe indigenous community in Oaxaca, Mexico
Mexico could have state-owned cannabis company
On Tuesday, the leader of the Morena party at Mexico's Lower Chamber presented a bill for the creation of a legal market for marijuana including a public company in charge of its regulation
The costly renovation of Mexico City International Airport
Mexico’s government is planning to invest MXN $3.5 billion for the maintenance of both terminals of the AICM
Mexico still in debt with Honduran cultural heritage
Honduras is still waiting to recover a stolen jade breastplate lent to Mexico 20 years ago
Peña Nieto spent over MXN $1 million in toiletries during one flight
According to invoices from 2017 and 2018, the extinct Presidential General Staff paid excessive prices for several personal care products, for which the current administration will file a criminal complaint
Mexico’s successful crackdown on migration
Mexico has deployed more than 25,000 National Guard militarized police along its borders and stepped up raids on people traffickers