This Tuesday, the coordinator of MORENA party members at the Lower Chamber Mario Delgado Carrillo presented an initiative for the creation of a legal market for the purchase and sale of marijuana with the creation of a public company, owned completely by the government, called Cannsalud .

In the document presented in the “Parliamentary Gazette” (Gaceta Parlamentaria), Mario Delgado explains that this firm will be exclusively authorized to perform the purchase of cannabis and its derivatives from the particulars that have obtained the corresponding licenses for such means.

The initiative also considers the possibility for Mexicans to be able to grow their own cannabis.

“Without the need of a license, they would be able to own, grow, harvest, prepare, or process up to six cannabis plants , as long as they are for personal use, allowing, too, shared use at home,” it refers.

“It considers the use and home-growing to be done by people of legal age and it forbids its use in public spaces , including those private places that have access to the public, with which we address in a more peaceful and prudent way the controversial situation that currently surrounds cannabis in our country.”


Mario Delgado explains that this company will be exclusively owned by the federal government, having technical, operative, and management autonomy for the perfomance of its main objective, which is having the monopoly wholesale purchase of cannabis and its derivatives, to later sell them to franchisees who would be in charge of retail.

“The main purpose of the creation of this firm include cheapening and easing the sanitary certification of the products, registering and systematizing information related to the production, flows, volume, quality, destination, etc., of the product and preventing, at least temporarily, the vertical integration of industry so as to avoid big commercial interests to be in position to crowd around or capture the regulator.

“Hence, it is a first step for the opening of a new legal market , and a state company is proposed as obliged mediator to identify and contain the inherent risks of establishing a new market, when there are already international market interests that seek to maximize their utilities over the protection of people’s health.”


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