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More than 1 million people in Mexico without a birth certificate
According to INEGI and UNICEF, around 0.8% of Mexico's total population doesn't have a birth certificate
Lack of translators impedes rescue of indigenous languages
Investigators from the University of Guadalajara have warned that indigenous languages could be lost
444 more people displaced by violence in Chiapas
Last Monday, villagers from Chenalhó, Ocosingo, and Zinacantán started their journey to Tuxtla Gutiérrez
UNAM announces museum to promote poetry and arts in indigenous languages
The UNAM has announced the creation of a new museum to promote indigenous poetry and other art forms
Displaced and defenseless
The lack of a solution to a conflict over land has displaced entire Tzotzil communities, leaving them defenseless
The Tohono O'odham, the people of the desert
These natives of Sonora embark on a millenary tradition to obtain salt
Ancient manuscripts returned to Otomi community
The ancient manuscripts tell the history of an Otomi community in Hidalgo
A reminder that linguistic diversity and multilingualism are essential for a country's sustainable development
The Tlapanec poet writes about the situation of women in Guerrero and the social struggles of indigenous peoples
A conflict stretching over 40 years has brought two indigenous communities to the breaking point; the government should help them find a solution before the situation deteriorates further