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False: Woman goes missing after boarding taxi in Mexico City
Laura Karen Espíndola spent 10 hours at a bar
Abril Pérez was murdered while Mexicans complained about feminist protests
The main suspect behind her death is her ex-husband, Juan Carlos García, a former Amazon México CEO
How to identify violence against women?
According to the INEGI, out of the 46.5 million Mexican women of over 15 years old, 66.1% has been a victim of violence
Mexico pledges to eradicate violence against women amid alarming femicide rates
Between January and October 2019, at least 809 women were killed because of their gender
Mexico City issues gender alert over alarming femicide and gender violence numbers
Sheinbaum will send a bill to Congress, where she proposed the creation of Sex Offenders Public Registry
Parres, Mexico City's first mass grave
An inhabitant said that criminals have moved into the area, bearing arms in broad daylight
Mexico’s gender violence alerts: assessment and funding misuse
Mexico’s Interior Minister Olga Sánchez Cordero stressed the importance to assess the actions taken to fight violence against women to ensure the efficiency of the national program
The victims of femicide deserve justice
Femicides start to multiply when authorities don't have the faculty to reclassify the crimes
Orphans, the collateral victims of femicide
At least 10 women are murdered every day in Mexico. The tragedy is not limited to the victims for their children face an uncertain psychological future
The gruesome case of "The Tacuba Strangler"
Serial killer Gregorio Cárdenas Hernández spent 34 years in Lecumberri prison for the murder of four young women