A control judge bound Diego Urik “N” over to trial as the alleged responsible for the femicide of Jessica González Villaseñor in Morelia, Michoacán.

During the initial hearing, the accused did not exert his right to declare and requested the presence of private lawyers.

The Prosecutor’s Office presented the evidence collected by the Investigation Police that includes interviews with relatives of the victim and the accused.

The defense requested the legal modification to the crime from to homicide, however, it was denied by the judge for he considered there are characteristics of violent death due to gender-related reasons.

At 15:15, the judge determined that there is evidence to allege that Diego Urik “N” participated in femicide so he was bound over to trial.

The investigation is set to conclude in four months and the accused will be held in preventive custody as a precautionary measure.

After the hearing, Cristo Adán González Villaseñor, brother of the victim, said that Diego being bound over to trial is another step in the process to achieve justice for Jessica.

He asserted that they will not remain silent or still as long as responsible for her sister’s femicide is not declared guilty.

He added they will continue with activism to achieve justice for other women.

At 15:00 on Thursday, citizens in Morelia and people from different groups called for a “ silent protest ” that was attended by Jessica’s friends and relatives.

The National Arrest Registry (RND) revealed that Diego Urik “N” was arrested in Cihuatlán, Jalisco.

The arrest of the alleged femicide took place on Wednesday at 16:30 at Morelos street of the Barra de Navidad neighborhood.

The Ministerial Police arrested the accused outside a famous hotel in Jalisco .

Jessica González Villaseñor was beaten to death after her disappearance on September 21. Her body was found in the woods on September 25.

According to authorities, Jessica left her home on September 21 and told her family she would meet with a friend.

A day later, her family filed a complaint at Michoacán’s Attorney General’s Office and began searching for her and held mobilizations joined bt the population and feminist groups.

Activists took the streets to protest the murder of Jessica González Villaseñor . Hundreds of people walked through the streets of Morelia to demand justice for the young teacher.

Michoacán’s Attorney General’s Office informed that Jessica’s body had been found in a forest area located outside Morelia.

By then, it had been revealed that the last person Jessica had been with was Diego Urik .

Testimonies, videos, and locations pointed out that Hanna, Diego’s girlfriend, had taken a vehicle to be washed in Santa María.

Later on, Deigo Urik had returned in another vehicle and had demanded a deep cleaning for the other car.

The 18-year-old man did not return to pick up the vehicle.

He was pointed out as an alleged femicide by Jessica’s family and the FGE so since Jessica’s death, he was declared a fugitive from justice .

After the Prosecutor’s Office revealed a judge had issued an arrest warrant against Diego Urik, authorities requested the Interpol to issue a red notice for his search.


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