Abril Pérez

Sagaón was murdered on November 2019, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Gunmen followed her when she left a courthouse in Mexico City and shot her dead while she sat in traffic. According to authorities, her ex-husband, Juan Carlos García , hired the gunmen to kill her after she divorced him.

Juan Carlos García, the former CEO at Amazon México, fled the country after the murder. Authorities located him in San Diego, California, but have yet to request his detention and extradition.

Almost a year after gunmen killed Abril in Mexico City, her family obtained a writ of amparo to “reposition of the administrative proceeding,” which means authorities will investigate Juan Carlos García with attempted femicide after he brutally attacked her with a baseball bat in January 2019.

During a news conference, Javier Pérez, Abril’s brother, explained a Mexico City judge granted the family an amparo that orders authorities to reclassify the crime as attempted femicide.


“These are significant news and a historical writ of amparo (…) because my sister requested it when she was alive and she is no longer with us.”

Moreover, the reclassification of the crime means the Attorney General’s Office can issue a red notice against Juan Carlos García and request Interpol to arrest him. Abril’s family believes he ordered Abril’s murder.

Authorities must handle the case through a gender perspective.

Furthermore, Abril’s family also filed a complaint against the judges Federico Mosso and Alejandro Díaz. Both men dismissed the attempted femicide allegation and released the former Amazon México CEO from prison. The victim’s family hopes authorities fire the two judges.

Abril’s case

Gunmen murdered Abril Cecilia Pérez Sagaón on November 25, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Abril, two of her children, and her lawyer were on their way to the airport to board a flight to Monterrey when two bikers shot her dead.

She and her three children moved from Mexico City to Monterrey after the couple divorced and after Juan Carlos García brutally attacked Abril with a baseball bat. They were in Mexico City because the children had to go through a psychological test, as part of Juan Carlos García's efforts to gain custody of the two minors.


On December 2, Abril's daughter shared a series of pictures that showed Abril bathed in blood after Juan Carlos García attacked her. According to Abril's daughter, her father was released from jail because he had enough money to bribe authorities.

11 months earlier, Juan Carlos García fractured Abril's skull using a baseball bat and tried to cut her throat open during an argument. One of their children stopped the brutal attack and Abril spent a week in the hospital.

Juan Carlos García was jailed in September 2019, but judge Federico Mosco González released him on November 3. The judge argued that since the attack took place while she was sleeping, it wasn't attempted murder, but rather a domestic violence incident.

President López Obrador said Abril Pérez should have been protected by authorities, after her ex-husband attacked her with a baseball bat in January 2019. The President also criticized judge Federico Mosco, who released Juan Carlos García from jail, after he reclassified the crime as domestic violence, which does not require preventive detention.

Judge Federico Mosco has a controversial story. He released a doctor accused of sexually abusing a terminally ill patient.

On March 5, four months after the femicide of Abril Pérez, Mexico City authorities arrested two suspects involved in the crime.


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