The Zacatecas governor praises the President

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The Zacatecas governor praises the President
The President visited Zacatecas over the weekend - Photo: Courtesy of the President's office
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The Zacatecas governor praises the President

Yesterday, President López Obrador remembered when governors were booed during his first months as President. In Concepción del Oro, Zacatecas, we even congratulated PRI governor Alejandro Tello because he wasn't booed, in contrast with other governors. During his speech, the governor praised the President but for some PRI members, the governor sounded a bit adulating. The governor knows the President likes remembering historical tales and his great admiration for Benito Juárez, Tello praised the President and thanked him because, since Juárez, no other President had visited Zacatecas for three days, just liked López Obrador did this weekend.

Morena overshadows the PRI

Although the internal election at the PRI took place yesterday, the fight for Morena's leadership was much more entertaining. An alleged call for the internal election was shared through social media and the current leader, Yeidckol Polevnsky, was forced to deny the information and called her fellow party members to stop creating confusion. Morena will have to choose a new leader in November but since last week, the alleged call for the internal election made the rounds, where it is claimed that only “original Morena members” will be able to participate in the election. Nevertheless, the alleged restriction was immediately rejected. Some say that this version might have been leaked to monitor the reaction and see how people reacted to the news. The thing is the most popular internal process is Morena's because everyone knew who was going to win the internal election at the PRI and the conditions the party is in.

Germán Martínez has a new tough job

We've been told that Germán Martínez, the former IMSS chief, was assigned a really difficult task. After leaving the IMSS, Ricardo Monreal asked Martínez to start lobbying and promote the initiatives he proposed to modify the Judicial System; said initiatives include the replacement of the Federal Council of the Judiciary and to increase the number of magistrates from 11 to 16, to solve corruption cases. Martínez will be in charge of establishing communication between the Judiciary and collaborate with the Interior Ministry in the organization of a forum to discuss the proposals. Also, he will be in charge of negotiating with the opposition, which has rejected the initiative. So if Martínez though his job at the IMSS was complicated, this task won't be easy.

The linked between the Chiapas University & the Estafa Maestra

We've been told that in the investigation of the so-called Master Fraud, Estafa Maestra, authorities are examining an agreement signed between the Sedesol and the Chiapas University in 2013, when Jaime Valls was the dean and who left his position in 2014. We've been told that University has the reports in regards to Valls' administration and no observations were made. Nevertheless, we've been told that in 2015, when Carlos Eugenio Ruiz Hernández was the dean, the university signed an agreement with the Sedesol. We've been reminded that Ruiz Hernández's reports showed irregularities. What is behind this complex case, where MXN $5,000 million were allegedly diverted? We will see.