Will Mexico welcome Maduro's loyalists?
Thousands of Venezuelans have fled their country, and Mexico has become a popular destination for them – Photo: Juan Barreto/AFP

Will Mexico welcome Maduro's loyalists?

Mexico City
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Will Mexico welcome Maduro's loyalists?

Although Mexican authorities claim no one loyal to the Nicolás Maduro regime has requested asylum in Mexico, we've been told in case one of them does, it can't be denied because the Constitution establishes no one can be denied asylum and there is no legal argument that bans it. So while there is turmoil in Venezuela, the Mexican embassy in that country is ready if someone knocks on its door, no matter which group they belong to.

José Narro, the PRI's prodigal son

José Narro had to push the brakes. The former UNAM dean and contender to lead the PRI party was getting ready to hold a press conference today and talk about his aspirations and proposals to strengthen the party. We've been told that PRI members from Mexico City organized a press conference but the other candidates complained and said it could be considered as an anticipated campaign act. This action made it clear that the fight for the PRI leadership is going to be a tough battle. In the end, the conference was canceled.

Noroña and Muñoz Ledo are friends again

We've been told that PT lawmaker Gerardo Fernández Noroña and the president of the lower chamber, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo are friends again. It turns out that in the last days of the ordinary sessions period, Noroña came to the defense of Muñoz Ledo, when another lawmaker made a reference to the age of the lower chamber leader. “Although it has been made public that we have had differences here in this plenum, it has always been with the consideration and respect you deserve. No one should be vilified for their age, no one should be vilified for any personal reason,” said Noroña. It seems like he has changed his attitude, maybe a few days with the Communist Party in China made him reconsider and value the Mexican regime?

Malú Micher's second strike

It seems like Senator Malú Micher keeps on making mistakes. On Tuesday, when Ricardo Monreal decided to withdraw all the proposal for constitutional reforms, including one in gender equality after Morena didn't obtain the qualified majority for the education reform, the Morena member left the plenary session before Morena announced that the proposals and bills would be withdrawn. Her departure bothered the opposition Senators and her fellow Morena members, who couldn't believe she was leaving an important meeting again since she did the same when they were discussing the daycares issue. Strike two.


Venezuela to vote amid devastating hyperinflation

In January, hyperinflation amounted to 84.2% and the prices in the troubled South American country rose 4,068% in the previous 12 months
Venezuela to vote amid devastating hyperinflationVenezuela to vote amid devastating hyperinflation


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