What Ricardo Anaya kept hidden

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Ricardo Anaya, former national leader of the PAN - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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What Ricardo Anaya kept hidden 

You cannot accuse Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) of hiding his aspirations of becoming a presidential candidate. He's been going at it for years. Yet the one who hid that his intentions and political strategies were aimed towards becoming the candidate, not only of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) but also of the Ex-Citizen's Front was Ricardo Anaya. Today it's clear the plans of this Querato-born politician were always the same: become a presidential candidate by any means possible; humiliating, betraying, and pushing everyone around him to make sure nothing got in his way. Yet always with a halo of “the country first, then the parties, and afterwards the personal projects.” Now, what will he say to those who stated his true intentions were the other way around, that is, his personal projects first? In the end, the veiled candidate – similar in style to the tactics of the of the style of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) but this time of the PAN – has finally revealed himself, or perhaps, his true self?

Senate halts the Law on Internal Security

The Executive Board of the Senate, chaired by conservative National Action Party (PAN) member Ernesto Cordero, and the Board of Political Coordination, led by center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) member Ana Lilia Herrera, have approved a time extension for the disucssion of the Law on Internal Security. Although the debate has already secured most of the simple majority of the Plenary Session, the margin of social rejection is very high, to the point Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto even had to propose to listen to all concerns. The idea of the Senate's high command is to vote on the matter this Thursday 14, our sources say, yet the question without answer is whether modifications will be made to the bill. If the answer is “yes” then we will have no Law for now...but if it is “no”, then why listen? A member of the Left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), Luis Sánchez, fears this is all a “joke”...

Elías Beltrán goes to Washington

One of the priorities of the Mexican Office of the Attorney General (PGR) is fighting the illegal drug trade, which has caused much harm to society. Thus, between December 13 and 15, Elías Beltrán, head of the PGR, will be in Washington DC, the capital city of the United States. The changes and redisgn of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) led by Omar García, are focused, among other things, in reinforcing the strategies against drug traficking. The new units, such as the national office on drug policy, will be the main topic of the speech Mr. Alberto will give during his stay in the United States, according to our sources.

Will sparks fly over the new General Auditor?

Next Tuesday, the Plenary Session of the Chamber of Deputies will vote on the next General Auditor for the term 2018-2025. The candidates are Salim Orcí, David Colmenares and Ángel Trinidad Zaldívar. Our sources say the one who most of the political parties agree with, including the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) - Green Party (PVEM) alliance, is Salim Orcí but we'll have to wait and see if the signs don't change at the last minute. We've been told the internal voting of the parties saw a tie between Orcí and Colmenares and that Mr. Trinidad got only one more vote than Mauricio Merino, which left out the expert on transparency and anticorruption of the CIDE. There will be one more filter within the Board of Political Coordination in San Lázaro and there could be white smoke by the time the voting takes place during the Plenary session since they require two-thirds of the total votes.


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