The way to rebuilding Mexico

Local faculties and institutes in Mexico need to work together with their communities in further developing their regions

English 08/10/2017 09:00 Mexico City Newspaper Leader by EL UNIVERSAL Actualizada 09:00
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In a country with social needs and a lack of infrastructure, quality professionals are needed now more than ever. We need engineers, medics, scientists, teachers, anyone who can help solve the decades of underdevelopment in several regions in Mexico.

These professionals need to become key figures in restoring normalcy to the communities affected by last September quakes. Several areas require new buildings which have to take into account the many risks they can be exposed to, and only with the assistance of professionals will we be able to achieve this goal as soon as possible.

The method is drafted today by the engineer Sergio Alcocer during an interview with EL UNIVERSAL: “the civil engineer must become involved in solving the needs of the population, and this translates into – in the case of the UNAM's Institute of Engineering – in establishing a social commitment to research lines, definitively linked to the problems of our society.”

Each faculty and institute from the several public universities in the country has the moral obligation of getting involved in the problems of each region and working together with the community in finding a solution.

The areas most devastated by the quakes were Oaxaca and Chiapas, two states with a severe underdevelopment in public works. This tragedy can be used to spark in the states a boom in infrastructure development – from roads and bridges to maritime ports.

For Alcocer, who today becomes a foreign member of the National Academy of Engineering of the United States, adequate planning will allow to reduce irregularities at the North and South of the country; from his point of view, it's necessary that development plans are added to the sectors who most need infrastructure, like the health, education, and roads sectors.

After the damages caused by the earthquakes, the call is made to all universities, research institutes, and professionals from all the areas, to work together in building the foundations of the new communities and thus rebuild a country better prepared against natural catastrophes. Social commitment is he road to rebuilding Mexico.


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