Villamil and his new strategy

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Villamil and his new strategy
Jenaro Villamil - Photo: Esperanza Orea Romero/EL UNIVERSAL
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Villamil and his new strategy

The former president of the Public Radio Broadcasting System (SPR), Armando Carrillo Lavat, was intimidated and practically forced to resign, even if he was meant to stay in his position until October. Armando Carrillo was called to Palacio Nacional and after realizing they were after his job, he decided to resign. Yesterday, the appointment of the journalist Jenaro Villamil to the SPR was announced, and who, minutes after being appointed by President López Obrador, became a trending topic in social media and media outlets, after he claimed his management at the SPR wants to achieve the full coordination...that bets on the intelligence of the audiences. No more television for an impoverished middle class, that won't stop being impoverished, “as a classic said.” So, the previous administration was making television for non-intelligent audiences and public television was made for an impoverished middle class? Well, the new head of the SPR gave a slap in the face to the public media that existed before the 4th Transformation.

Puebla, Otálora's Achilles heel

We've been told that the resignation of Janine Otálora, the former president of the Electoral Tribunal, didn't surprise those who are close to the justice system. Several counselors from the INE and the judiciary said the same: her resignation is the result of the Puebla case. First, the confrontation inside the tribunal to ratify the PAN's triumph at the Governor election. Then, after the tragic death of the Governor and her husband, the appointment of an acting Governor backed by Morena and the PRI. And then, the extraordinary elections that will take place soon, which are expected to be complicated. Beyond the Puebla case, there is a public accusation made by magistrate José Luis Vargas, which is up in the air, who claimed to have proof that Otalóra committed irregularities. Therefore, the magistrate decided to resign so Felipe Fuentes Barrera was elected unanimously.

Elba Esther's TV show

We've been told that the project to show Elba Esther Gordillo Morales' life on TV is on the right track. We've been told that the TV series is being filmed and it will tell her story since she was a little girl living in Chiapas. They say that to film the project, they've had to research her life. The cast has been kept secret, mostly the name of the actress who will play the union leader. We were told that that the cast is comprised by several famous stars. Who do you think will play teacher Gordillo?

Venezuela's crisis and the ambassador before the OAS

The frenetic race to undo everything the previous administration did, came to a halt imposed by reality. We've been told that at the beginning of January, ambassador Jorge Lomónaco was asked to leave his position as Mexico's representative before the OAS and wait to be assigned a new position. Nevertheless, we've been told that now that the situation in Venezuela is alarming, they have asked the ambassador to stay at the OAS. Some diplomats consider that this case shows two negative issues. The first, that in reality, they didn't have someone to substitute Lomónaco. And the second, that they lack a strategic vision, as no one thought the situation in Venezuela would turn so complicated and that in the midst of an important crisis in the region, Mexico wouldn't have an ambassador before the OAS.


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