18 | OCT | 2019
Vaping: A deadly habit
E-cigarettes are not regulated in Mexico - Photo: Elijah Nouvelage/REUTERS

Vaping: A deadly habit

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According to experts, electronic cigarettes cause serious health problems

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E-cigarettes and vaping are often regarded as a healthier option than regular cigarettes, nevertheless, they pose a serious threat to your health.

According to Guadalupe Ponciano, a UNAM expert and the head of the Smoking Research and Prevention Program from the Medicine Faculty, there are “some myths, [that claim electronic cigarettes] don't affect health as much as conventional cigarettes do, [these myths] have increased the e-cigarettes' popularity in recent years.”

Nevertheless, the expert explains that during the warming process, the liquid releases steam that contains toxic substances such as tiny iron, tin, nickel, and chromium particles.

Furthermore, electronic cigarettes also contain corrosive materials such as ceramics, plastic, rubber, filament fibers, and foam. E-cigarettes also contain high levels of b, which vary depending on the brand.



Smoking kills six people in Mexico every day

Through the PrevenIMSS strategy, over 200 thousand educational activities will be held with the purpose of inhibiting tobacco consumption
Smoking kills six people in Mexico every daySmoking kills six people in Mexico every day

The expert said that the steam released by electronic cigarettes is not water steam and that it actually pollutes the environment, moreover, this steam contains small particles that accumulate in the respiratory system and cause serious damages.

This is why vaping is quite dangerous. The researcher explains that the e-cigarettes “could explode in the mouth and cause serious damages in the face and hands. They also generate cardiovascular crises that could be deadly because nicotine causes myocardial infarctions. The lungs are affected by its constant use.”

In Mexico, this drug has no sanitary registry before the Federal Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) but despite this, they are sold through digital platforms without any type of regulation or guarantee for the users.


Mexican company recycles cigarette butts to help the environment

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Mexican company recycles cigarette butts to help the environmentMexican company recycles cigarette butts to help the environment


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