Trump's Mexican ally against Google

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Trump's Mexican ally against Google
Trump could have a Mexican ally against – Photo: Alex Brandon/AP
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Trump's Mexican ally against Google

US President. Donald Trump doesn't know it yet, but he could have a Mexican ally in the accusations against Google. They remind us of the Mexican lawyer, Ulrich Richter Morales's case against Google for the spreading of fake news about him. They explain that the issue went beyond moral damage and that has some aspects that could be of interest for the White House and the US President, as they're related with the US law and to Corruption Practice in Foreign Countries. This law prohibits US companies and their subsidiaries outside the US from taking part in bribes to public officials to obtain any kind of benefit. They explain that the Mexican case could be the tip of the iceberg of an investigation that will lead to interesting revelations and repercussions. Also, the European Union has opened investigations on anti-monopoly cases against Google.

New PAN rebels in the Senate

The new PAN bench in the Senate is presenting themselves as a group of rebels. We're told that at least a part of the fraction has distanced themselves from Anaya, who is trying to extend his mandate in Congress. For now, we're told Damián Zepeda, who self-designated himself as the PAN's coordinator, will have to deal with Ricardo Anaya's opponents. All the way from the anti-Anaya headquarters, we're told that the former Puebla Governor, Rafael Moreno Valle, is taking off as one of the strongest Senators to face Zepeda. By the way, Mr. Rafael was named as Vice-president of the of the General Committee. So the battle for the PAN's bench is just starting. We recommend you pay attention to the fight for the party and the coordination in both chambers.

Quarrels in the Chamber of Deputies

A show of the tension among PAN members, we're told that the first quarrels among PAN members took place yesterday. It happened inside the PAN's parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies, when they were naming the one in charge of the General Committee Vice president. We're told Jorge Romero was named as Vice coordinator first, without a problem, but when the time came to define the Vice-president, the former Morelos Governor, Marco Adame, raised his hand, followed by Adriana Dávila and Jorge Luis Preciado. Mr. Marco kept the position with 34 votes, Dávila got 21, and Preciado, 20. This generated a 45-minute delay in the start of the Constitutive Session in the Chamber, which was highlighted by the Deans Committee's president, Pablo Gómez, Morena, who explained that the PAN was in a meeting.

Clouthier and the out-of-control reasons

The “2018 Elections Balance” forum's organizers were left waiting, with their propaganda all over CU. The forum was announced for Thursday, at the Political and Social Sciences Faculty, UNAM, the President-elect's alma mater, and the new legislator, Tatiana Clouthier was invited. In a video shared on her social media, she apologized and said that she couldn't attend the forum because she had to fly to Monterrey on Wednesday, for “out-of-hand reasons”, that's why the forum will be postponed until next week. What made Tatiana take office as a Deputy and fly back to Monterrey? What got out of hand?


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