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Damian Alvarez of Tigres UANL holds up the trophy after winning the Mexican First Division Final - Photo: Henry Romero/REUTERS

Tigres, New giant of Mexico

Mexico City
"Merits of the case" is an Opinion Sports Editorial by Gerardo Velázquez de León
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When the return of investment translates into championships, you know money is perfectly well spent...

Tigres UANL FC stands as the absolute master of a system albeit not spectacular, truly successful. When the return of investment translates into championships, you know money is perfectly well spent and one cannot fail to recognize the sports intelligence in Tigres as the most successful of this country.
We are talking about six championships, three of which have taken place for the last three Decembers in a row, with the same coach, same management and always finding solutions in the face of shortcomings. The example to follow in the structure of the Mexican Soccer League is called Tigres.

What else does this team need to be considered a giant of Mexican soccer? Little indeed, as it wins much and often while building followers beyond its arena, that very particular environment in which Monterrey football takes place. One has to give them credit as they are being able to achieve something quite notable given its intricacy.
An exemplary roster that excels both in build up and performance is attested when one of the first-team players is replaced by an extraordinary performance; take Hugo Ayala being replaced by Colombian Francisco Meza, whose functioning was the most outstanding of the second leg. Meza was always well placed, focused and even took the liberty of scoring the championship goal.

Antonio Mohamed, manager of Rayados de Monterrey - Photo: Henry Romero/REUTERS

By comparison, Antonio Mohamed must leave Rayados de Monterrey. Resigning would have been most fitting for a coach who was brought to win championships, who was given everything: freedom, budget, self-determination and yet was unable to decipher his opponent as much as it’s insisted to use the penalty kick missed by Avilés Hurtado as an excuse.
The early goal scored by Pabón influenced Rayados in excess as they saw themselves champions within the first ten minutes of the game, something which is a direct competence of the manager.
Coming second in two championships, one to Pachuca and one against the bitter enemy as a local in the Monterrey derby or clásico Regio, should be enough to quit, to decently step aside and acknowledge that he was unable to lead one of the top rosters and most wealthy football clubs in this country.

Ricardo "Tuca" Ferretti, manager of Tigres UNAL FC - Photo: Henry Romero/REUTERS

Though Rayados de Monterrey was also well-equipped, the difference lies largely in the manager’s style, who had no use in coming first in the tournament if his management failed to show character or harm his opponent in the decisive matches.
Now the team will play the Mexico Cup final against Pachuca and should things not go well, the team administration will have to carefully rethink their situation, as they cannot afford themselves another failure against a much lesser opponent than Tigres, who lessoned Mohamed, via (Ricardo “Tuca”) Ferretti on how to lead footballers in matches of this stature.

Tigres has earned the respect of Mexico’s football community based on the efforts of its administration led by Alejandro Rodríguez and Miguel Ángel Garza who have managed their team accordingly, the same as Ferretti, who now leads the way in México.

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