Stepping over democratic values

The legislative life of the country is developing a never before seen dynamism

Stepping over democratic values
Morena wants to keep its control over the lower chamber - Photo: Germán Espinosa/EL UNIVERSAL
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The legislative life of the country is developing a never before seen dynamism. In both local and federal levels, the chambers are discussing and passing bills. Nevertheless, the result does not produce optimism since the majority groups are taking advantage of their position, and even stepping over the law or acting at the expense of democratic values.

Baja California was the first case. In early July, the local Congress modified the state Constitution to extend the term of the Governor-elect, who will take office on November 1. Voters participated in an electoral process knowing that they would choose a Governor who would be in power for two years; now, before he even takes office, lawmakers simply informed society that they decided to extend the term to five years.

In late July, changes were made to Tabasco's Constitution to toughen the sanctions for those who protest against the construction of public or private projects. The United Nations criticized the new law, as the UN experts on freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and human rights voiced their concern about the criminalization of citizen protests and about how quickly the reform was passed.

This week, another incident took place in Veracruz, where the ruling party took over. The Permanent Commission of the Local Congress, not the plenary session, decided to temporarily remove the state's General Attorney, an official who has a rocky relationship with the Governor.

On the federal level, the majority also tried to use its position to shun previous agreements and the current rules to keep a Morena member at the Directive Board of the Lower Chamber. Nevertheless, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo's decision not to hold onto the position prevented the subjugation of the other legislative groups.

The cases mentioned here are proof that political groups are more interested in imposing a political hegemony than in creating bridges with other political groups. In previous years, parties like the PRI were criticized for this type of behavior by those who are now in power.


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