Alice Cooper returns to Mexico

Alice Cooper will come to Mexico as part of their Ol’ Black Eyes is Back tour

Shock rocker Alice Cooper returning to Mexico
Alice Cooper is a legend of shock rock – Photo: Taken from Alice Cooper’s Facebook account
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Vincent Damon Furnier, best known as Alice Cooper, will come back to Mexico to give two concerts. The first one will take place on October 23 at the Monterrey Arena and the second on October 25 in Mexico City’s Arena.

The interpreter of “Poison” will bring their Ol’ Black Eyes is Back tour along with the California band Tesla.

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Tickets are already available.

Alice Cooper will return to the Aztec land one year after their presentation at the Domination festival where the band was one of the headliners along with Kiss and shared the stage with bands like Trivium, Lamb of God, and Ratt.

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Moreover, in 2017, Alice Cooper headlined the Mother of All festival along with artists like Def Leppard and Vince Neil.

Albums like “Killer” and “Welcome to My Nightmare” put Alice Cooper as the maximum representative of Shock Rock due to their controversial shows and use of makeup

Alice Cooper is known for theatrical shows that include guillotine executions or the use of snakes that, along with dark lyrics, create an atmosphere of terror.

Another aspect that represents the band are their conceptual albums since, back then, rock albums did not focus on telling a general story.

An instance of that is “Welcome to My Nightmare,” which was released in 1975 and tells the story of a guy called Steven that has to fight his nightmares.

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Una publicación compartida de Alice Cooper (@alicecooper) el

After this, more musicians launched conceptual albums like King Diamond with “Abigail” in 1987.

Alice Cooper’s legacy includes the use of makeup inspired by the 1962 film “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

But Furnier’s relevance also goes beyond music. Being a rockstar, he had a life full of excess but was able to move on and became a role model for Dave Mustaine.

According to the VH1 documentary “Behind the Music: Megadeth,” the band was chosen to play a cover of the song “No More Mr, Nice Guy” but due to the addictions of the former Metallica guitarist, the recording of the song and the video were complicated.

Hence, Vincent Damon Furnier decided to become a father figure for Mustaine to show him that if he were to follow that way, he would not alive for long.

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