Rosario Piedra made a mistake

Rosario Piedra Ibarra is a human rights activist and was recently appointed to the CNDH - Photo: Marco Ugarte/AP

Rosario Piedra made a mistake
Rosario Piedra Ibarra is a human rights activist and was recently appointed to the CNDH - Photo: Marco Ugarte/AP
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Rosario Piedra made a mistake

Yesterday, on the International Day Against Corruption, Rosario Ibarra, the head of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) urged the Senate to launch the National Anti-corruption System through the appointment of the special attorney. This statement would have been quite interesting if María de la Luz Mijangos Borja hadn't been appointed as the Anti-corruption Attorney since February 2019, and whose appointment was made official on March 11. It seems like nobody told Piedra Ibarra, who noticed her mistake 8 hours later.

Rosario Ibarra de Piedra is granted Belisario Domínguez Medal

Jared Kushner visits Mexico

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador canceled his visit to Sonora to stay in Mexico City, as the team negotiating the USMCA is set to meet at the National Palace. We've been told that although it hasn't been confirmed that the President will be present, it is possible that López Obrador meets with Jared Kushner, who is said to have arrived in Mexico last night. Everything seems to indicate that the USMCA will be announced today since members of the lower chamber and Senate were asked to be present at the palace. Nevertheless, one of the most interesting parts will be private: the message Trump sent to President López Obrador through Kushner.

Jared Kushner could be stripped of the Order of the Aztec Eagle

The PRI faces a grim future

In Chiapas, local and federal lawmakers close to Roberto Albores Gleason announced their resignation from the PRI. This is the latest exit registered in recent months. Some PRI members have said that as the party braves a storm, more and more members are leaving. Although the timing couldn't be worse as elections are near and the states governed by the PRI are at risk, as well as their strategy to gain more presence at the lower chamber. The political party is facing rough times.

The PRI and PRD are on a comatose state

Is this the best way to tackle obesity?

We've been told that Chile will announce the results registered after implemented new labels on junk food, the same strategy Mexico is about to launch. Although the Health Ministry insists that these labels will help to decrease obesity rates, we've been told that some members of the industry are willing to modify their products and make them healthier but they are afraid sales will decrease if the flavor changes. We've also been told that they aren't sure this is the best option to lower obesity levels in the country; nevertheless, the federal government is not willing to take a step back.

Bacteria, one of the causes behind child obesity


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