23 | MAR | 2019
Will Rosario Robles join AMLO's cabinet?
Rosario Robles - Photo: Alejandra Leyva/EL UNIVERSAL

Will Rosario Robles join AMLO's cabinet?

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Rosario Robles will join AMLO's cabinet?

Four days after the new government was inaugurated, those in charge of the technology department in the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial, and Urban Development haven't updated its website. Until last night, the names, positions, and pictures of Rosario Robles and her team were still on the website. That is, in the internet, Mrs. Rosario is the Minister. We've been told that the one who also has to pay attention to social media is the Minister of Well-being's social media team, yesterday, María Luisa Albores González's Twitter account led to a Spanish user account, instead of the Nation Institute of Social Economy.

Manzanilla isn't interested in Puebla

The PES' coordinator in Congress, Fernando Manzanilla, rejected the claims he could be Puebla's acting governor in case the election is annulled. We've been told that Manzanilla said he was comfortable in his position and that he's not planning to request a leave of absence. “As I've said before, for there to be broth, there has to be chicken first,” he said.

Morena is looking for consensus

This Wednesday, the Congress' Justice Commission will analyze the draft that will be used to create Mexico's General Prosecutor. Nevertheless, we've been told that this draft won't be approved soon, as Morena wants to send out a message, which is that they won't approve laws just because they're a majority. We've been told that Morena's bench, led by Mario Delgado, will look to reach a general agreement for this initiative. We've been told that it will be the same as with the Public Consultation Law and the Revocation of Mandate. We will see if this attitude is real, and not just a new year resolution.

A Christmas diet for the Senators

This end of the year will be a huge test for the Senate, as they will have to prove if they're capable of living in austerity or if they will go back to privileges. Once they approve the Senate's 2019 expenditure, around MXN $1,300 million less than this year's budget, we've been told that the lawmakers will only receive a proportional part of the Christmas bonus. There won't be, as in previous holiday seasons, bonuses and other gifts. Many legislators in the Senate have begun to realize that the money isn't enough. The important thing is, they explain, is that they see this situation as when you start a new diet, where the first days are the worst, but it becomes a habit.


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