Puebla joins UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities

The UNESCO GNLC supports and improves the practice of lifelong learning in the world’s cities by promoting policy dialogue and peer learning among member cities

Puebla joins UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities
UNESCO welcomed 55 cities to the network - Photo: Víctor Hugo Roja/EL UNIVERSAL
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On September 23, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) granted Puebla the recognition as a Learning City.

With this appointment, Puebla was added to the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities that includes a list of cities throughout the world that will promote and guarantee an inclusive, equitable, and quality education. The list includes Aswan (Egypt), Chengdu (China), Heraklion (Greece), Ibadan (Nigeria), and Medellín (Colombia).

Through a virtual forum, the UNESCO welcomed 55 cities from 27 countries to the Network of Learning Cities to allow people of all ages and of all socioeconomic and cultural classes to have access to inclusive education.

Municipal president Claudia Rivera was pleased with the appointment and said the capital of Puebla is expected to be the center of educational life where the learning ecosystem is experienced with a gender perspective.

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“True changes come from education, learning, and culture,” she asserted.

She stressed that Puebla has been officially included in one of the most ambitious international communities in the endorsement of better learning practices and cultural development.

This network allows an exchange of tools and experiences between cities in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Learning cities offer alternative learning opportunities to all citizens, especially those who belong to vulnerable groups, provide free online classes, found educational centers for migrants, offer professional counseling for women, and install mobile libraries, among other actions.


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