Public textbooks in indigenous languages

The public textbooks issued by the Ministry of Public Education will be distributed in the country
Public textbooks in indigenous languages – Photo: Miguel Espinosa/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Otto Granados Roldán, Head of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), announced that starting next school year, public textbooks in 22 indigenous languages will be distributed throughout the country within the equity and inclusion context promoted by Mexico's new educational model.

The Head of the Ministry of Public Education emphasized that parents, teachers, and students of both public and private institutions contribute to the country's new educational model.

Such an ambitious project as Mexico's new educational model seeks to reach each and every area in the country, thus the distribution of the public textbooks issued by the Ministry of Public Education aims to portray that both diversity and differences are enriching.

Otto Granados Roldán assured that there has been a substantial progress in education after Mexico's Education Reform, particularly in professional training and teacher evaluations, adding that the reform must proceed with tenacity.

He explained that after having advanced in coverage, the next challenge is quality, providing better tools for the learning project and even the student's personal life.


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