17 | FEB | 2019
Dante Delgado, Alejandra Barrales & Ricardo Anaya - File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL

The proposal of the The Citizen's Front for Mexico

Mexico City
Suzzete Alcántara and Misael Zavala
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The electoral alliance of three political parties for next year's elections

The Citizen's Front for Mexico (CFM), formed by the conservative National Action Party (PAN), left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) and the Citizen's Movement Party (MC), has already listed the distribution of public positions in the agreement submitted before the National Electoral Institute (INE). Their first statement is that the head of the Secretary of the Interior in 2018 will be appointed by the front's political forces, separate from the Executive Branch.

The document, a copy of which is in the power of EL UNIVERSAL, points out that the head of the Secretary of the Interior will assume the role of cabinet leader, in order to ensure plurality and end the presidential regime.

Among its purposes, the front remarks they want a coalition government, striving for the integration of a plural cabinet, integrated according to gender parity criteria and approved by the consensus of the Congress, so that its members are the most adequate for their respective charges.

The document further mentions that the governing bodies of both, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, will last the entire Legislature, and not a year, which is the current proposal.

They also propose a Commission of Truth, responsible for documenting the most relevant cases of Mexican history, like the disappearance of the 43 teachers in training from Ayotzinapa.

The document was submitted before the INE on September 5, and is signed by the national leaders Alejandra Barrales (PRD) and Ricardo Anaya (PAN), and well as the coordinator of the National Operations Commission of the MC, Dante Delgado, under the official title of “Incorporation Agreement of the Citizen's Front for Mexico.”

The INE has 10 days starting from that date to validate the proposal of the parties seeking an electoral alliance for next year's elections.

The Guidelines

The document highlights the Front will follow a ruling guideline and that the economic and in kind contributions for the execution of their activities will be determined by mutual agreement, and its financing distributed equally among the three parties.

For the coordination of administrative tasks and resources, the Front will have a committee comprised by treasures from the three parties, but led by a head of treasury who will be appointed by the Executive Commission – incorporated, in its turn, by the Front's presidents and coordinator.

The Executive Commission will make unanimous decisions and each party shall open an exclusive bank account for the Front, while they specify such resources won't be used for internal election procedures nor for electoral campaigns.

The front will suspend its “effects during the month prior to the start of the Federal electoral campaign, and resume one month after such elections have concluded,” according to the document.

Consulting Council

To give the civil population a voice, the CFM proposes the constitution of a Consulting Council involving several public figures, scholars, artists scientists, and civil organizations, among others, to give the citizen's an opportunity to join the cause.

A technical secretary will be appointed – permanently – to follow up, supervise and report on the agreements and development of the proposals of the Council.

Lastly, the document states that radio and television time slots will be proportionally distributed among the political forces.


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