The President tells the truth

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The President tells the truth
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador admitted something his PRI and PAN predecessors always denied - Photo: Juan Boites/EL UNIVERSAL
English 24/09/2020 09:55 Mexico City Off the Record Actualizada 10:00

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The President tells the truth

Those who claim the federal government doesn’t tell the truth is wrong. Yesterday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador admitted something his PRI and PAN predecessors always denied. The President said that Notimex is a media outlet owned by the government: “Notimex has the purpose to inform what the government is doing, that is its role.” The President’s honesty contrasts with the attitude of former presidents, who always said Notimex was owned by the government but that it wasn’t at the service of the government; however, López Obrador has finally confirmed it. 

López-Gatell will face opposition senators

We wonder what is the government afraid of since it asked senators to hide Dr. Hugo López-Gatell during a meeting between the Health Commission at the Senate and health officials. López-Gatell, Mexico’s COVID-10 czar, was meant to appear along with Juan Antonio Ferrer and Alonso Novelo Baeza; however, senators rejected this plan. What we can confirm is that the opposition, especially the PAN, is eagerly awaiting Gatell at the Senate. Sooner or later, the epidemiologist will have to appear before the opposition. 

The President vs. José Narro

President López Obrador said that any government official who runs for office would have to leave their position at the federal government by October 31. López Obrador said he wouldn't allow the government to promote certain candidates and mentioned an example. He used José Narro as an example: “Imagine, a former UNAM dean, a former Health Minister, a PRI representative in Ecatepec, he ended up making noise [for the party].” Is the President upset after Narro criticized his strategy against the COVID-19 pandemic?

Rosario Robles raises funds

It seems like raffles are the new normal in Mexico. This time it is not about the price of the presidential plane, but something more modest. Sources said Mariana Moguel Robles, Rosario Robles’ daughter, raffled MXN 50,000 to raise funds to pay for her mother’s lawyer. Moguel Robles printed 1,000 tickets for MXN 200 each, which means she obtained MXN 200,000.