Peña gives the PRI the greenlight

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Peña gives the PRI the greenlight
Peña Nieto won't interfere in the PRI's internal revision – Photo: : Moisés Pablo /CUARTOSCURO.COM
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Peña gives the PRI the greenlight

The dinner hosted in Toluca, with all the PRI governors in attendance, and Manuel Velasco, PVEM, who has become Morena's ally, is said to have lasted for a while. Alfredo del Mazo was the host. We're told there were no yelling or quarrels, but that there was talk about the cordiality that has characterized the power transition between President Peña Nieto and Andrés Manuel López Obrador. They also talked about the thorny subject of López Obrador's super-delegates, and their role as governors. But something that raised eyebrows was Peña Nieto's comment that he's not going to get involved in the PRI's internal revision process. “He made that very clear”, we were told by a Governor. We will see.

San Lázaro and the fight for the offices

The division generated this week after 5 PVEM deputies moved to Morena, led by Mario Delgado, to give this fraction the qualified majority in the Chamber of Deputies, won't be the only clash. We're told that this Monday, the parliamentary coordinators of the eight fractions will meet in the afternoon, to define the offices where they will settle in San Lázaro. But also, they foresee that they will start distributing the ordinary commissions, and a possible reduction.

Presidential Guard, on its way to extinction

We're told that the countdown for the Presidential Guard (EMP) to be transferred to the National Defense Secretariat has begun in the Senate. Morena's bench, led by Ricardo Monreal Ávila, will propose a legal reform, and we're told that a high-ranking official from that technical military group, the Major General Roberto Miranda Moreno, has prepared a critical route to deliver the facilities, as in the case of the sports facility in Av. Constituyentes, next to the military field 1-F in Santa Fe, which will take place in November. This is Andrés Manuel López Obrador's wish in action. Yesterday, General Miranda released a statement on the occasion of the 171st anniversary of the Molino del Rey battle, where he told the military that the soldiers affirm their commitment with Mexico.

Quarreling with the porros... ¿and the UNAM?

The “porros,” whose existence dates back to 1920, had their peak after the 50s. But the attacks against University students that took place this week, emphasized the lack of security in the UNAM. First, Mexico City's authorities had a misunderstanding with the PGR, as they thought they were abandoning the investigation, although they then denied this was the case. On Friday, the Federal Police presents two men who allegedly participated in the attacks, but yesterday they were released, which forced the UNAM to express their discontent and to demand an explanation. Later, the CNDH joined the UNAM in its surprise. So, no one has been detained, but the quarrels are in full force.


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