No daycares, no National Guard ​​​​​​​

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No daycares, no National Guard ​​​​​​​
he budget allocated to day cares was canceled, parents instead will receive the money - Photo: Alejandro Bringas/EL UNIVERSAL
English 12/02/2019 10:53 Mexico City Off the Record Actualizada 10:57
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No daycares, no National Guard

It's hard to believe but the cancellation of the budget for daycares is affecting the negotiation of the constitutional reform for the creation of the National Guard. We've been told that Morena's parliamentary coordinator, Ricardo Monreal, is doing everything to get more votes but the government's refusal to allocate resources for daycares has complicated the lobbying process. We've been told that this issue is essential for the approval of the National Guard; nevertheless, opposition parties don't support their proposals. It seems like López Obrador's government is forgetting that without votes from the PAN, PRI, PRD, or MC, the structural reforms wouldn't be approved and they would stay in the freezer.

Unfinished businesses between the INE and the Electoral Tribunal

Almost three weeks after taking office as the president of the Electoral Tribunal, magistrate Felipe Fuentes Barrera met with the president of the National Electoral Institute, Lorenzo Córdova, for the first time. It was said that the meeting was to coordinate actions and guarantee people's electoral rights. But there are other issues that were discussed since the magistrates have corrected the INE counselors and modified some of its criteria. The most relevant topics are the registry of the Encuentro Social party, the sanctions against a former official accused of sexual harassment, and the objections of those who are looking to create new political parties. In the future, those topics will define the relationship between magistrates and counselors.

Carvajal is here to defend the workers

Absolute loyalty to the 4th Transformation and the “the poor first” policy, said Alejandro Carvajal Hidalgo, a federal deputy from Morena, whose proposal has been labeled as a risk for the Infonavit's finances, as he proposed that the resources from the housing sub-loan are indefeasible. Alejandro Carvajal claims the initiative doesn't directly affect the institute and explains that the current law indicates that this resources prescribe and are allocated to the National Housing Fund after 10 years and that's why “we can't think of a disequilibrium in the institute's finances as it was mentioned, as the resources belong to the workers, therefore we're only talking about an act of justice, the workers' resources that have accumulated throughout their lives should be destined to those who have worked to generate them or their beneficiaries.” Carvajal also denied being close to Antorcha Campesina.

PRI-PAN alliance in Puebla?

An unthinkable alliance could take place in Puebla soon, as there's talk the PRI and the PAN could ally as Morena is leading the polls. We've been told that all it will take is to agree on distributing the positions. PRI members from Puebla are proposing a coalition by electing one of its members, Enrique Doger Guerrero but nothing is written.


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