12 | NOV | 2019
Rufino Tamayo Museum - Photo: EFE

Museums and archaeological sites are rising prices

Mexico City
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Most of them presented a MXN$ 5 price increase

In 2018 the access to the Palace of Fine Arts, the National Museum of Art, the Rufino Tamayo Museum and the Museum of Modern Art will cost MXN$ 65 representing a MXN$ 5 increase compared to last year.

Archaeological sites such as Tula, Bonampak, and Mitla, will have a MXN$ 5 price increase as well going from MXN$ 65 to MXN$ 70.

However, entrances to category AAA museums and archaeological sites administered by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), such as Tulum, Chichén Itzá, and Teotihuacán will remain the same, MXN$ 70.

While category A museums and archaeological sites such as Malinalco, Tonina, and Cantoná will have a MXN$ 5 adjustment standing at MXN$ 60. Category B museums and archaeological sites such as Casa Carranza Museum will now cost MXN$ 55 and category C museums and archaeological sites such as El Tigre will cost MXN$ 45.

Emblematic museums administered by the Palace of Fine Arts such as Carrillo Gil Museum and San Carlos Museum will cost MXN$ 50 while exhibition centers, such as the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Studio House Museum will cost MXN$ 35.


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