More news conferences

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More news conferences
López Obrador thinks it’s not enough to have news conferences from Monday to Friday - Photo: Berenice Fregoso/EL UNIVERSAL
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More news conferences

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador thinks it’s not enough to have news conferences from Monday to Friday. Yesterday, the Mexican President said that in order to respond to “calumnies, lies, and fake news”, he might hold news conferences on weekends. This means that besides his weekend tours, the President would spend 4 hours with media outlets of weekends. We’ve been told that this proposal is analyzing the possibility and that there’s a real chance of having news conferences on weekends.

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Ramírez Cuéllar, the new Morena leader

The interim Morena leader, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, met with the party’s National Executive Committee, including Xóchitl Zagal but Rodríguez Cuéllar left the lower chamber and met with other people in private. Nevertheless, the lawmaker and one of the contenders for the Morena leadership, Mario Delgado, has yet to comment on the new party leader.

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Civil Protection has 11,000 interns

The National Civil Protection System has benefited from the program Youths Building the Future. Currently, there are 11,000 interns who are being trained and are working on prevention measures and the management of emergencies. We’ve been told these young people are becoming necessary in their communities. The thousands of youngsters are distributed among 930 municipalities, in 32 states. Civil Protection aims to have 40,000 interns to be prepared and face natural disasters and accidents throughout the country.

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The INAI turns a blind eye to important issues

The INAI, led by Francisco Javier Acuña, is ready to commemorate the Data Privacy Day and asked speakers from the European Commission, the OAS, the UK, and even representatives for Google and Twitter to participate in an event. Nevertheless, those present didn’t discuss an urgent and critical issue for Mexico after the Interior Ministry asked the Electoral Institute to share biometric information of millions of Mexicans.

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