Mobile app for safe taxis in Mexico City

The app is called “My Taxi” (Mi Taxi) and is available for Android and IOS

Mobile app for safe taxis in Mexico City
Aerial view of Mexico City taxis – Photo: Pedro Pardo/AFP
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With the objective to guarantee safety for users and to improve the quality service of taxi cabs in Mexico City, the local government presented the app “My Taxi” (Mi Taxi), a tool that will provide the name of the driver, allow sharing trips, rate the service, and that will have a panic button connected to the C5.

“It is an original development of Mexico City’s government, the Digital Agency of Public Innovation (ADIP), that is now available for passengers and taxi drivers in the capital of the country.

“We committed ourselves to create a mobile app for taxi drivers; this is the first stage. It consists of providing more safety for the user and also the driver, so that there is more information, the ride can be shared from any app, and there be direct communication with the C5 in case of any problem, and thus, make Mexico City’s taxi cabs safer spaces,” explained mayoress Claudia Sheinbaum.

The app is available for Android and IOS since two weeks ago, for there was a pilot test, as explained Eduardo Clark García Dobarganes, general director of the Intelligence Center of the ADIP. He highlighted that until now, it has been downloaded 6,701 times and 1,371 users have created an account in “My Taxi.”

During this period, 4,569 persons checked the plates and drivers of the taxi cabs, which was reflected in 1,845 trips started, of which 1,149 have been linked with passenger and driver. In the trial period, he added, the average response time of the panic button was 4.5 minutes.

To register, the user must download the app “Central Alameda” (Alameda Central) from the digital stores of Android or IOS, then, create an account, enter first name, last name, username, e-mail address, telephone, create a password, and accept the privacy terms.

Afterward, the user must enter to the section “My Taxi” and type the plates of the car, to have access to the information of the vehicle, with the information of the driver: name and rating.

After checking the information of the taxi driver, the user has the option to continue the trip or not to board the car. By selecting the option “Don’t board” the request is canceled, it asks the reason for the cancelation, and requests a comment. In case of continuing, the user has to select the corresponding driver and choose the option “Continue” to start the trip.

During the trip, a menu appears with the name of the driver, the option to share the trip, end it, and the panic button, which is directly linked to the C5.

The head of ADIP, José Antonio Peña Merino, highlighted that the agency on his charge is working to prevent the misuse of personal information of users and drivers that register in the app “My Taxi.”

“What we guarantee is to be able to cross [information of] drivers and plates, which is what is being used with the register of “My Unit” and also when someone boards it. The important thing when both passengers and drivers use it is that you have the crossing of the driver and the user with the plate,” he pointed out.

Taxi drivers registry. The head of the Mobility Ministry (Semovi), Andrés Lajous Loaeza, highlighted that next September 10th is the deadline to register in “My Unit,” an electronic platform to verify the license and information of the driver linked to the plate of the vehicle of public transport they operate. He said that since July, 40,712 taxi drivers have registered out of the 140,000 that provide the service in Mexico City.

Drivers must present the plates of their vehicle, the complete name of each of the persons that drive it, as well as their Unique Population Registry Key (CURP).

The registry can be done on the website; by text message, 30303, with the words “mitaxi” or “miruta”; by phone, 55-5658-1111, or directly in the offices of Semovi, located in 269 Álvaro Obregón Avenue, Roma Norte, Cuahtémoc borough.

If the owners of the vehicle do not make the register in the established time there will be a first economic fine, and later they could lose the license.


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