Mexico's new data dashboard breaks down COVID-19 cases throughout the country

Mexico has entered the third phase of its contingency plan

Mexico's new data dashboard breaks down COVID-19 cases throughout the country
A group of doctors working with patients infected with the novel coronavirus COVID-19 – Photo: Silvio Ávila/AFP
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A newly released data dashboard from Mexico’s Health Ministry shows the number of confirmed COVID-19  cases at a national, state, and local level.

The data dashboard, available online,  also features the option to break down the data on suspected cases and deceases, helping users identify the location of cases throughout the country in a more specific way.

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The site also shows charts with information on confirmed cases, suspected cases, and deaths sorted by sex, age, and seriousness.


On April 21, Mexico entered Phase 3 of its emergency plan against the novel coronavirus.

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At this stage, experts expect a surge in contagions and cases that require hospitalization. However, in locations where there are no COVID-19 cases, people are expected to return to work and school on May 18, while implementing physical distancing measures

The partial lockdown on large cities could be lifted on June 1.

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