Mexico's efficient electoral system
The Mexican electoral system has shown its viability - Photo: Christian Palma/EL UNIVERSAL

Mexico's efficient electoral system

Mexico City
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The Mexican electoral system is one of the most valuable contributions made by political reforms in the last decades

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The Mexican electoral system is one of the most valuable contributions made by political reforms in the last decades. Formed by institutions such as the National Electoral Institute and the Electoral Tribunal, it has become an example for other countries who are trying to form democratic institutions, such as Iraq, who received counsel from Mexico to organize an election.

Nevertheless, the strength of these institutions has been questioned, as it has been accused of partiality in regards to solving political issues.

In a forum organized by EL UNIVERSAL, members of the electoral tribunal recognized that there is a public perception that indicates that the independence and autonomy that should characterize them, has been violated by powerful figures or political groups, but they deny this was the case.

The president-magistrate, Felipe Fuentes Barrera, admitted that the leadership is not easy because what is at stake with their decisions is not money or properties, but access to power.

During the conversation, the other three magistrates agreed that independence and autonomy are preserved through unity between the tribunal members. They explained that those affected have the right to defend their positions and it is valid to listen to their arguments, although it should always be done openly.

Until now, and despite criticism, the Mexican electoral system has shown its viability. Political parties come and go, it has issued fines worth millions, it has repeated electoral processes, and the left is now in power.

Of course, not all the decisions adopted can satisfy everyone but no one can say that the resolutions haven't been made public and have been discussed.

The strengthening of the system is desirable, but not dismantling or undermining it.

Perhaps it is advisable to implement every adequacy available so that they become more efficient, more open to sharing information, and more austere since their privileges have been constantly criticized.

The institutions that form the Mexican electoral system are an example for the world. Autonomy and independence are key factors that should prevail.


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