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Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides assistance in domestic violence case

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Alma Berenice Osorio De Viana arrived in critical condition in the arms of her partner and attacker, a Belgian citizen

On Monday, Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) disclosed that it is currently providing assistance to the relatives of a Mexican woman who died on January 9 in Kasterlee, Belgium.

Alma Berenice Osorio De Viana, 32, was stabbed to death, allegedly by her partner, a Belgian citizen named Tom P. at their house while their two daughters were asleep.

According to hospital staff in Herentals in the Province of Antwerp, the victim arrived in critical condition in the arms of her attacker.

A petition for the repatriation of the victim's body to Mexico and custody of his daughters to his maternal family is currently circulating online in the platform SOSVOX.ORG, a broadcasting instrument that intends to give a voice to those who do not have one.

In the petition, it is stated that the Embassy of Mexico in Belgium warned the family of the victim about the deplorable situation on Friday, January 12. Afterwards, the victim's family tried to reach the authorities, yet they only received support from non-governmental organizations that support women.

On January 17, the Embassy of Mexico in Belgium issued one statement through a Facebook post in which it addressed the state of affairs emphasizing that the embassy has been in permanent contact with the Belgian authorities.

“A Belgian judge has been appointed to investigate the Mexican woman's death since it is up to the local authorities to investigate the case. Moreover, the Belgian authorities have appointed a judge to ensure the process and attention of the two minors, daughters of the Mexican woman, born in Belgium," the statement reads in Spanish.

In a statement issued by Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) on Monday, January 29, Mexico's government assured it will continue with the consular assistance to the victim's relatives.

“The Embassy has made multiple arrangements with the Belgian authorities, including the Antwerp Police and the Youth Court in the city of Turnhout, to provide punctual follow-up to the criminal case and civil proceedings arisen from the events, including the possible repatriation of remains and procedures related to the custody of the victim's daughters. It should be noted that, according to Belgian law, until the judicial system of that country declares otherwise, the partner and father of the minors has the right to decide on both matters, because he is considered a concubine.”

According to the statement, Tom P. is currently facing a judicial process.


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